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Domestic Imperfection: Our Pink Nightmare

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Pink Nightmare

        My Husband and I recently bought our first house. Besides the usual 3 bed/2bath list of wants, a had two biggies on the list. 1) I do not want to be able to see into my neighbors window from inside mine. In fact, I don't really want to be able to see my neighbors house at all. 2) I want the house to need some work. As a former Realtor I can assure that is an odd statement. A surprising number of my clients didn't even want to have to change the interior pant color. That's nuts! I wanted my house to be one that most buyers would walk into and say that it was too much work. (Plus they're cheaper that way!) The good, fun kind of work though, not " the roof leaks and none of the door frames are straight" way. We pretty much got exactly what we were looking for, except that we can see one neighbor. Oh, and there's no garage! Eek, where are we going to do all our projects? Anyway, here are some pictures before we moved in. I believe you'll see the project-y-ness right away.

Front of house: Love the giant front porch - the two front doors, not so much.

 Dining Room: window awesomeness

Kitchen: needs some love

Main hall:  are you starting to notice a color trend?

Master Bedroom

  Laundry room: yes, that is five gallons of the beautiful paint left for us by the know, in case  we wanted to do touch-ups.                                            

Living room: try not to be jealous of my furniture, yo.  

Master Bath

Back of house

We lovingly called this house "the pink nightmare" (from "A Christmas Story - c'mon ya'll!) - it was kinda like living inside a stomach for awhile. I post the before pictures so that when I post my recent project pictures you will think "Da-mn girl, that house looks good!".....or something along those lines.



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